Knitting with Lace


Now that summer has finally arrived and the temperatures are hotting up, it's time to take a look at the lighter side of knitting. Lace weight yarns are perfect for portable projects. You can make beautiful light weight garments, perfect for summer evenings, or stunning accessories to finish off your outfit. 

We have Wendy Air and Adriafil Zephir 50 available online and if you pop into the shop we also have some gorgeous one-off hand dyed lace weight yarns from The Yarn Farm.

There are loads of gorgeous summer projects out there to keep your needles busy and you looking fabulous. All of the following patterns are available in the shop using the Ravelry in store sales so pop in and have a chat and we'll find the perfect yarn and project combination for you.

Bonny by Tincan Knits is a simple yet striking lacy top and would make an excellent light weight addition to your knitted wardrobe. It can be knit out of a single skein of Zephir 50. I'm really tempted to cast one on in Anthracite Grey.

Watson by Amy Miller features lace in panel at the back and down the front borders making it a perfect combination of simple stocking stitch and interesting lace work.

If crochet is more your thing the beautiful Flowers and Tiles Pullover by Elena Fedotova can be made with variety of necklines to suit any figure.

Lace accessories are stunning all year round. There are tons of patterns out there from the traditional Shetland stitches of the Elizabeth Shawl By Dee O'Keefe to the more modern, slightly punk look of Rock Island by Jared Flood. There's a scarf or a shawl out there for everybody. Over in the crochet corner I love the simple lines of Argo by Aoibhe Ni.

I can't wait to finish my current project so I can start on one of these... who am I kidding? Since when has finishing a project ever got in the way of me starting something new? I'm off to find my ball winder...

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